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Happy Friday!!

Its about time to write about one of my incredible recent experiences.

About a month ago I decided to do a press trip in collaboration with tourism board of California and the nicest and most stylish resort and beachwear brand Heidi Klein, which organized the most amazing trip. Definitely a road trip of a lifetime!!

Together with a group of incredible girls, we visited couple of biggest and coolest cities in California. The whole experience and the people around me was simply unforgettable (Diipa Khosla, Niomi Smart, Rosie Fortescue and Anoushka), and I need to say a thousand times thank you all for being a part of it!!

Our journey started at Heathrow airport in London, where Air New Zealand flew us directly into LAX.

First on the schedule was driving to San Diego, which was the first stop of our trip. We arrived there around 4am, and situated ourselves in Hotel del Coronado. And I can’t describe how happy I was when I was finally able to fall asleep.

The next day was time to explore San Diego.

We had insanely fun and busy schedule, starting off with kayaking around the coast of La Jolla. They taught us all about the history and the remarkable story of how the city was build. After fun experience and tasty lunch at Galaxy Taco, we went to visit an island of sea lions which was probably one of my favorite things. Just admiring bunch of sea lions living their life, enjoying, chilling, sleeping, swimming… getting back to the nature! Makes you feel so relaxed and chilled 🙂 We finished with shopping and coffee at La Jolla shopping center and finaly went back to get some rest. Fllowed by a yummy dinner.



The next morning we hop off and drove to Huntington Beach, where we stayed at a super cool and modern Pasea hotel. Straight after arriving we had another fun activity on the menu. Surfing!

That was for sure my favorite part, as Its been a while since I wanted to learn how to surf! Do you know the feeling that something is just meant for you.. I feel like im a real surfer girl, that only needs to learn how to surf!! (look like one, think like one, loves the ocean and lives the life like one) Thank you Surf City USA!

So you can imagine I was the first one in the wetsuit 🙂 Especially after having such a great group of cute instructors haha.


As I thought – I am quite of a natural, so I was the first one standing on the board and the first one arriving to the shore. It was insanely cold, but at the same time insanely fun. Until the moment when a wave hit me and pushed me all the way into the grown, which made me hit my head really strong. And of course the surfing lesson for me was done for the day. But definitely not forever.

Afternoon was one of my favorites as we had time to enjoy the spa, get mini massages and connect with the girls with our deep conversations in the steam room. Yes I guess there is where it all begins right!?! Forced to be away from phones and work, and just enjoy, relax and appreciate good company and nice meaningful conversations.

The chill afternoon was followed by the most amazing sunset ever. Probably one of the nicest ones ive ever seen here in California (the sky was literally on fire), and time when we bonded with the team at the evening bonfire. With all the girls we made the fire and started making smores. While drinking wine and playing never have I ever, we really connected with the girls and got us to know each other pretty good. So I am really happy for the whole amazing experience and thank you Heidi Klein team for bringing such an amazing group of girls together! Very low key, relaxing day that made us appreciate the real things in life.


Next stop of our journey was Santa Barbara! Finally time to just chill and enjoy the most amazing nature, and treat ourselves with some wine tasting. After we got situated into the fabulous Four seasons hotel, we had some time to relax and steam again, and finally enjoy the most delicious dinner at the opposite side of the 4 seasons resort. There is the iconic pool and their members only lounge, which is truly breathtaking. And my favorite part of the restaurant was the bar which is actually aquarium at the same time. With live fish swimming inside. 😀



Next morning we did exactly what you are supposed to do in Santa Barbara – boat trip! All of the girls wearing Heidi Klein swimsuits and cover ups, and created a really fun party on our private catamaran. Such a lovely afternoon!



Last stop of our journey before LA, was Greater Palm Springs. The city where all the celebrities vacationed, in order to escape from paparazzi’s. That is why is became known as home of many celebrities, and a popular tourist location for everyone trying to escape the crazy LA and enjoy a bit of chill, dessert lifestyle.

Our last hotel to stay was The Parker, which is pretty famous in the area, and I understood it why in the first second we arrived.  Naomi sadly left the group as she needed to go back to London. But the 4 of us, really enjoyed the last two days and discovering Palm Springs.


They organized a really fun tour around the famous spots in Palm Springs and showed us around, and took us to the famous street with all the shops. What did all the girls do instead of shopping !?! Went to grab a coffee hehe, a better way to connect and enjoy time with dear friends.

Last moments of our stay we dedicated to shooting the amazing resort of the Parker hotel, and all the cool locations that hotel is offering. Honestly I was really sad when the trip came to the end, and decided to stay a bit longer in LA. But its not the same without my girls and the great Heidi Klein team! Thank u so much for having me in the group, and I am beyond happy I had a chance to experience this amazing trip with all of u! It was really unforgettable!



Sending all my love back to London and to all my girls! And for all of you reading, California should definitely become one of the first locations on your trip itinerary (if you haven’t been here yet!). Every location has something amazing to offer, and I truly recommend to go visit all the cities around Los Angeles!

xxxx, MM

HK-9Parker hotel


FullSizeRender_3Santa Barbara



FullSizeRender_2Exploring vineries in Santa Barbara


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