Day at Wimbledon with Rimmel

There is nothing I love more than the long summer days in London. Summer is my favorite part of the year particularly as everybody is out enjoying the sun, days are insanely long, my birthday is coming up, and there is so much going on around London.

With my love of traveling and enjoy the most amazing beaches and summer destinations, but it is hard to beat London as well. It’s always nice to come back, especially with so many fun things constantly going on in the city. Flower shows, Art Fairs, all sorts of festivals (Somerset House Gigs, Summer in London, Lovebox) and of course the sales 🙂

But now its time to focus on the trendiest event at the moment – Wimbledon. Everyone is talking about it – what people are wearing, make-up trends, who is it winning.. and more 🙂

My good friend and I (fellow blogger) Lorna decided to go and check it out. As I knew that it is going to be a long day at the courts I decided this was a perfect moment to test my new Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour from RIMMEL. The brand new liquid lipstick with high-intensity colour, velvety matte finish, and a long-lasting, comfortable wear.


I first applied my new favorite shadeRose & Shine, which I believe suits my skin tone best around 12pm. Quite similar to a natural lip colour, but way stronger, tiny bit pinkish. Exactly what I was looking for in a lipstick. The collection consists of 15 different shades, so I bet anyone can find a suitable colour. Red would be my favorite choice when it comes to evening make up, but for every day there are all the shades of taupes and pinkish colors. Absolutely love them all.



Around 2pm I met up with Lorna, and we jumped in the car towards Wimbledon. The match I wanted to see mostly was Adrian Mannarino vs Novak Djokovic, which was scheduled right after Rafael Nadal.

We waited in front of the court for hours and hours (by the way my lipstick was still completely untouched!) and the match was still not done. They were going in the 5th set, which meant – the last one. But still, we decided to grab some food as it was getting quite late. Even after eating my lipstick still completely dry (matte) and untouched, and had a real bold colour. I am actually really surprised, seems like that even if i wanted it to go away, it would not.

At 8:20 it finally finished, with Nadal loosing to G. Müller. It was a big surprise to everyone, but it was a hell of a match for sure! After hours of waiting, they announced that Djokovic vs Mannarino is happening the next day. Haha not our lucky day!!

So, I decided to pop by a new trendy place in London, Isabels and join a couple of my friends for drinks. I went to touch up my make up and my lip colour was still untouched! I didn’t even feel it on my lips, so comfortable and lightweight. It was the best surprise I could imagine!

My final conclusion would be that Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid lip is everything they are promising and more. Long lasting (they say 12hours, but I think even more). Bold matte lip colour in one stroke, kiss-proof, touch-proof, and waterproof.


Not just saying this because the post was sponsored by Rimmel & Popsugar, but I really do love this liquid lip! And can promise that everything I wrote and said its true 🙂

Hope you have the most amazing week and enjoy all the fun activities in London, or wherever in the world you are!

xxx, MM







This post was sponsored by Rimmel through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR, all opinions are my own”

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