Change !?


Change.. We are all afraid of changes. Or sometimes they are good!? There is so many different changes constantly happening in our lives. But what is change at all!? Change is the inevitable process of nature. No creation is absolutely new, no destruction is absolutely total. There is always partial creation and partial destruction. The basic and fundamental elements of creation are vouchsafed in the process of destruction, and hence the process of creation continues forever.


You should never be afraid of a change. No matter if it seems good or bad in that specific moment, it will always be good for something. Everything in life happens for a reason, and that change is there for a reason. In order for something better to come into your life and enlighten you. Change is good. Decide what you want and go for it! In order to make it happen, sometimes you need to push this change yourself!?



Here are some quotes on a change to inspire you for today.

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