NY Shopping advice

Good morning everyone!!

I made it to Milan, but its time to write a few words about my amazing shopping in NY and share some tips before I forget about it! 🙂
I believe I am not the only person who can’t resist to shop in NY. Even when I am completely busy, I just can’t stop not to enter and at least see what are they offering. I guess like every fashionista, its never enough of clothes and shoes!! And the worst thing at the end is, that you always have a feeling you have nothing to wear! Do you agree!?!

Well, but while cruising the streets of NY, I discovered a really amazing store that offeres some of my favorite designer pieces (including super cool shoes) at insanely discounted prices. So I just wanted to give you a tip and advice, to check it out and stop by if you get a chance! Its is called Centruty 21.

I know it has been around for quite a while already, but I never really knew what it is about. Now I know that its def a must stop to do! Why paying full prices if you can save money!?

On my hunt i got myself this amazing Alexander Wang vest and 3.1 Phillip Lim leather shorts. I get super excited when I get a good deal, so just wanted to share it with you, feel free to check it out on their website as well!

Hope you like my selection and the look I wore the other day, and sending lots of love from Milano. The fashion journey continues!

xxx, MM



Vest: Alexander Wang via Century21
Shorts: 3.1 Phillip Lim via Century21
Shoes: Senso
Top: As by DF
Sunglasses: Spektre
Bag: Bulgari



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