Cayman Islands w Donni Charm

And it’s time to fly to Cayman Islands!

What an incredible trip! One of the places I’ve always wanted to go, heard so much about it, but I never had a chance to see it. So here we go…Starting from New York.  The trip itself didn’t start the most wonderful. Right after take off we had emergency landing in a small island away from everywhere. Small little island I never knew it actually exists. We were waiting there evacuated for like 3 hours before we finally took off for Cayman Islands and arrived for a trip with Donni Charm. The whole team waited for us, the last three missing girls from the trip. We started the evening with the presentation of all the little wraps and scarfs that you can wear in so many ways and just the whole concept of Donni Charm which I finally got to know during these days. Really incredible and convenient things that you can use in the summer, like little wraps you can wear as a shirt, as a wrap around your waist, as a bow, as like literally a dress. So many ways you can use it and at the same time so stylish and comfortable. Definitely something I am gonna be keep on holding during the summer.

During the whole trip, one of my favorite things was having lots of activities, so the first day we started with yoga on pedal boards. We thought It was gonna be either pedal board or yoga if the weather is bad as they were saying. Thank God, at the end the weather was perfect, and we decided to go on pedals – and as a surprise instead of pedaling we did yoga on the boards. It was quite an experience but actually really incredible because in order to be able to do yoga on the little board you have to have even that much balance and it was way more of a challenge then just doing it on the floor. Very interesting and incredible experience.

After the whole pedaling thing we did some pictures and just hang around with the girls and continued with a wonderful dinner, beautiful sunset…  Sunsets are probably always my favorite part of the day because I am quite of a dreamer and I like to dream in my head, just think about everything and imagine all sorts of beautiful pictures while looking at the sky… Let’s not go crazy about my thoughts.

To continue… the next day we did a trip to an incredible, incredible island. The water was crystal clear and turquoise – and on our surprise there was loads of (more than one meter big) stingrays. At first I was scared like oh my god they are so ugly…but after I got into the water with them them and heard the whole story i kind of changed my mind and regretted my saying. They told us that if you kiss a stingray you get 7 years of good luck. Hm Hm I decided i am kissing the stingray.. all the time…. :)))  Ended up kissing a stingray for about 10 times or something. And it was actually really cute because when you come close to them they push they lips up in a really cute way, almost like they are trained and want to kiss you!! 

We continued going back and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves with dinner on the beach and relaxed the day after before going back to LA.

It was really wonderful trip and I was so excited for get to know Donni Charm and the whole collection because it’s really, in my opinion, one of the most useful and practical things that you can wear during the summer. It is a brand I didn’t know before, but it became one of the top brands to wear during the summer. Def recommend you to check them out! Literally you have couple of wraps and you can wear them in so many different ways and use it for any kind of occasion. I literally wore it one to the beach, one to the dinner, and we actually had a really funny moment when me and two bloggers all wore kind of similar thing but styled it completely different and it looked so fun and chic together. 

Anyway, thank you Donni Charm for this amazing trip and I am definitely gonna be caring the pieces with me on all my summer trips.





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