Cash & Rocket

Last night I was invited to a very special event, a classy charity dinner. It was a pleasure attending it as I love supporting charity and everything that is meant with a good cause. The charity Cash and Rocket was set up to bring inspiring women together for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime.
Through female solidarity, the aim is to raise money for charities around the world, which will make a huge difference to the lives of many.

Under the name Cash and Rocket they include three different charities that we were supporting. OAFRICA, SHINE ON SIERRA LEONE and SUMBANDILA.

I myself volunteer for a charity helping people without a sight, but it is always nice if you can to donate some money as well. The charity is impowering all the women to do something, not just be something.

Last night they created an auction where people were able to buy some exceptional pieces, while all the money raised is going for the people in Africa. For this occasion Valentino created a special tailored haute couture dress, Aston Martin was offered in a limited edition (painted by Valentino), exclusive watches, etc. We raised quite a lot of money thanks to some amazing guests.

At the end the reality is that the world is really cruel and there is way too many of those who don’t have enough to eat etc. That is why we always have to be grateful for everything we have and share it with others and support those who don’t!

Good bless everyone supporting and have a beautiful weekend!

You can see a bit more about the event in the pictures following.


IMG_6957For the occasion I wore dress by Tom Ford, Chanel clutch and Jason Wu shoes

IMG_7011Aston Martin made by Valentino


IMG_6962 My date Julia



IMG_7008 IMG_7025

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