Cannes Film Festival

It never gets old..

South of France has been one of my favorite destinations every end of May since the first time I visited it. One of the most beautiful and charming places, which gets especially alive during the film festival season and Formula one (Monako). Its the time of the year when you can see most of incredible gowns and amazing formal attires. I normally always loved all the parties and fun events from the prestigious brands, as well as the Grisogono Party, Chopard, Amfar gala etc. So this year I continued with the tradition, and combined work with pleasure.

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Mastercard was the main sponsor of the whole week and the whole film festival ceremony, and this year decided to support young or upcoming fashion brands. So here is where my role came up Рdoing a special photoshoot for Mauna Kea, and wearing the clothes around the festival


Mauna Kea is a brand that originally started in 1988. It was an idea of a young surfer, named after a dormant Hawaiian volcano eternally topped with snow and position upstream from the sea. Since its debut the brand continues to search for the perfect blend of sportswear and trend-based products. They became famous for their fun floral prints, 3D prints, vibrant colors and internal protection made of special foam. Mauna Kea reinterprets the world of surfing in a new and exciting hi-tech way. With the incredible technic of colorings, and still keeping the Made in Italy sign. But perfect for all the beach destinations and especially convenient for Los Angeles or all the surfer places.


During the whole week Mastercard and Mauna Kea really made me feel like a princess and will definitely remember it as one of the most amazing trips and favorite Cannes film festivals. From being able to choose whichever gown i want, doing a photo shoot in the incredible villa in a hidden location, attending red carper and movie premiere while having a real princess pampering and being set up in of the nicest Majestic hotels. Priceless.


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Just the feeling of walking the red carpet, while tons of lights and cameras pointing at you.. It has always been a dream, since I was a little girl. And here I was, standing there and actually living it. Just a reminder to all of you that everything is possible! So never give up and stop dreaming and working for it. It might happen sooner then you expect!

Thank you Mastercard and Maunakea for really a priceless experience!

Sending all my love,

xx, MM

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