Cafe Royal

You deserve a Royal service!! Whether you are traveling to London or leaving here, Cafe Royal is a place you should write down and know. For me one of the best hotels with a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like home.

If you are coming for a meeting or work in the members lounge, for a bite to their great restaurant (where they host every month another top chef by the way), staying at the hotel, or decided to have a spa day at the amazing Akasha wellness. It is a great combination of everything, so you can def find yourself somewhere and find something suitable at the place for you as well.

Coffee shop is a great place for an afternoon tea, where you can also enjoy some healthy, gluten free deserts, or go for the normal ones if you prefer those 🙂



My two favorite areas are the members lounge, where you can hang out if you are staying at the hotel, or if you decided to join their membership when living in London.
In my opinion is a great deal, as you can get everything from the menu half price, as well as visit the spa and gym as much as you want.
The food at their restaurant offers a healthy menu apart from the classical, which is my favorite part. Healthy and incredible tasty. Perfect spot for lunch.

For all the tourists, rooms at the Hotel are very spacey, with a huge bathroom that is a very important factor for me. Bed makes you feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds, so i would highly recommend it to you. Great value for the price.

Cafe Royal - Celestine Suite - Bathroom_1

Not to talk about the spa that is simply amazing!!
Akasha is leading a new concept and holistic approach to wellbeing. Hotel guests, visitors and members are invited on a guided journey to promote health, happiness and fulfilment while improving personal balance.
The name Akasha reflects a core vision to harmoniously unite the four basic elements of nature; earth, water, fire and air. The combination enables a transformational and balancing experience where body, mind and soul are aligned.
Earth offers nourishment in our lounge bar, water flows through our spa, fire blazes across our gym and air breezes through our studios.
Huge pool steam rooms, gym, turkish bath…what else do you need!?!

Cafe Royal Hotel - Akasha - Swimming Pool 1_0

Oh and Im not completely done yet. Cafe Royal has many event and party spaces, so if you are looking a space to organize event, wedding, birthday party… is a great spot!

Treat yourself, visit Cafe Royal,
xx, MM

Cafe Royal - Empire Suite - Living Room_0

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