Brighten up someone’s day

The other day I was walking around the city and as always looking for some cute fashionable things around small shops. I decided to buy a fan. A fan with the painting of Van Gogh on it, the Sunflowers.
Well, the point of the story is in my fan, but in the moment I got to the cashier.

I was smiling like always and sharing my positive energy, when he asked me – How does it feel!?
I was really in shock when I heard a question… – How does it feel what !? I replied.
And he repeated the question – How does it feel to be the most beautiful and inspiring woman I saw today.

He left me speechless, I honestly couldn’t believe my ears. It doesn’t happen that often that people are just randomly that nice and sweet around us, giving compliments just like that. But he definitely made my day and made me feel incredibly nice, gave me a feeling I am doing something right on my journey of sharing my positive smile.

Give compliments to your friends and people around you, it is gonna make them feel incredible, as well as you – you will see how happy its gonna make you to see them satisfied and smiling. And what a nice feeling it is when you receive it back. Which you will. The positive attracts!

Have a beautiful day, xxx MM


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