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The other day I had an opportunity to attend a very special event created for bloggers, where we got a chance to learn a bit more about the graphic design, Taxes and the whole blogging industry in general. The whole day we were training with Dell computers, which are the essential piece for blogging to be possible. Computer of course. And I have to say it is no easier device to use then Dell.

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During the whole day we had very interesting sessions, mixed with some snacks, drinks and good company.

While attending the event I got a chance to think a bit more about blogging in general, and as many of you have been asking me how do you start a blog, how do you get readers and create audience – i decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

First thing you need to have is of course a good computer and a cell phone. Computer is essential for the online blog – your website, so it is probably the most important thing, and it is worth to invest some money into a proper device. I would recommend Dell, as they are extremely powerful and easy to use, have many different tools for creating blog posts and are extremely fast at the same time. We were using Dell XPS-15 computers, which is the worlds smallest 15.6” laptop pack with amazing Infinity Edge display. Not to mention how incredible powerful and fast it is. If this one doesn’t seem to be the right, you have many more styles available, like Dell XPS 13, or XPS 13 ultrabook which is extremely practical as well. They offer a huge variety of different computers so you can surely find one for yourself!


Second thing you should have is a good phone. My personal preference is iPhone, as I got used to all the apps, and I think the pictures are good quality. But at the same time I would highly recommend a good camera. If you cant afford it, even iPhone will do – they take remarkably good photos.

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Once you have all essential things for your blog, it is time to register it online. Choose your domain name and register it at, and continue to WordPress where you can start your own page very easily.

Once you started, you have to be ready to write it for yourself for the first few months. As the readers will not come straight away clearly. So I would recommend you to connect all your social media platforms and try to redirect audience to your website. It takes time, but eventually people will get to know it, and if they like it – they will come back 🙂

The thing I would like to highlight again is a good computer, make sure to have a light one, that you can carry around with you. As blogging is a full time job, involving a lot of traveling and different locations. you never know where you will end up, so make sure that your computer is easy to use, powerful and light. Like Dell. They are known since 1986 and they specially empower countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. They deliver technology solutions that help to do and achieve more, whether you are at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. I would highly recommend one of the XPS laptops.

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Now is time to stop reading and start realizing your dreams.

If you can believe it really strong, you can achieve it. Believe in yourself and start working towards your goal. You can do it!

Lots of love and good luck!

xxx, MM

Special thank you to the Apartment for the great event and teaching me many new things!

More information about Dell and their products, visit http://

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