Best Healthy Restaurants and Juice spots in LA

There is one thing I especially love about Los Angeles. The fact that everything is health orientated. Many people exercising, gyms on every corner and different workout options. Including running, jogging, hiking, cycling… And on top of everything also a great selection of raw juice bars, vegan and vegetarian restaurants and vitamin shops. Perfect for my taste.

So I decided to share with you some of my favorite spots and places. In case if you are planning to travel to LA or live here and feel like having something tasty and healthy.. This would be my picks! đŸ™‚


EARTH BAR – Incredible health bar. Offers various locations where all of them have a great selection of smoothies or juices, where you can always add up your proteins. As well you can grab raw, vegan meals or organic, cold-pressed juices to go or belly up to the bar for shots such as algae-rich e3 live and the wellness which instantly clear any ailment or hangover with a zingy concoction of lemon, ginger, cayenne, oregano oil and garlic extract. They also sell a huge selection of vitamins and are recently added Earthbar Vibrance—the clinical setting offers vitamin B shots, food sensitivity tests and diet/fitness counseling.



CAFE GRATITUDE – Vegan place where all of LA’s Cafe Gratitude locations are full of a cheerful wait staff and dishes that are affirmations themselves, so you will have to declare, “I Am Thriving,” to order the soup of the day. It’s true: When the server takes your order, they will ask you, “What are you grateful for today?” and you will feel compelled to answer. Embrace it, because the bright, perfectly composed food will have you coming back. If you’re feeling especially in tune with the world, you can order the I Am Grateful, the simple but delicious “community bowl” of kale, quinoa, black beans and garlic-tahini sauce.20111120-180351-Cafe-Gratitude-Cafe-Gratitude-Side-Shot


CROSSROADS – Crossroads is a high-end vegan restaurant for carnivores. Plant-based chef Tal Ronnen is reinventing meat-free meals with flavorful and imaginative dishes that are reasonably priced and served in a cozy, white-tablecloth dining room on Melrose Avenue. My favorite dishes would be thinly shredded sweet and tangy kale salad flecked with currants and pine nuts, and the Farinatta – an arugula salad dressed with a sun-dried tomato pesto over a thin earthy and umami-rich pancake made from chickpea flour and roasted wild mushrooms.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.40.22 PMKale Salad


URTH CAFE – Known from the TV series in the 90th, but one of my favorite places not because of his history. It is not vegetarian nor vegan, but offers a great healthy selection and best salads in town. Including in my opinion best coffee. You can choose your strength and style of coffee, with whichever milk do you wish. Hot or cold. One of the interesting things and probably the best is their Green Tea Latte and all the deserts made with green tea. With the actual green tea powder. The place itself I would highly recommend for for breakfast or lunch.

urthcafeGreen Tea Latte


GRACIAS MADRE – A cross between Mexican chic and Palm Springs casual, the vegan Mexican restaurant is decorated with festive cushions and tiles, a gorgeous courtyard and, inside, high ceilings and a comfortable bar. Really beautiful place. Be sure to order the guacamole—it is truly fantastic. For dessert, I would say that the pumpkin cake is the way to go. Flanked by creamy vanilla bean coconut ice cream, the seasonal cake is gently spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, and tastes remarkably like fall. Perfect for the upcoming season. And here it is a necessary reminder that vegan doesn’t have to mean void of flavor, and that Gracias Madre has arrived as an ethically-conscious alternative to LA’s growing haute Mexican scene.


REAL FOOD DAILY – With locations across LA—there’s one in Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Pasadena—Real Food Daily is a vegan’s delight offering full plates of whole grains, legumes and vegetables alongside housemade, signature sauces. Dishes span the gamut from Italian (Lasagna Nepoletana) to Mexican (Mexico City tacos) to Chinese (Kung Pao stir fry), all while delivering intricate flavors that appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike.



CAFE PRIMO – Not vegetarian nor vegan, but very healthy place, great for breakfast/lunch and a fresh juice or a smoothie if around West Hollywood – Sunset Plaza.



LifeFood ORGANIC – In the heart of Hollywood, this small storefront offers an extensive menu of raw, organic and vegetarian foods from owner and holistic wĂ¼nder-woman Annie Padden Jubb. There are also readymade and custom-made juices and smoothies made with not so usual ingredients such as base carrot and green juice and fruits such as papaya and avocado.

Bon Appetit đŸ™‚
xx, MM

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