Since I got it into my hands and started reading, I can not let it go. This very special book called PSI increases your energy already by touching it. Wrapped in a beautiful silver case with a sign of Eros on top. When I first started reading, I have to admit I was a little skeptical about it. It seems very confusing and unclear, but the more you immerse yourself into and you start to understand it, the more amazing it gets. It is said to contain all the knowledge about the human mind. Our reactions and explanations, that people were talking to each other for centuries from mouth to mouth. So it is no known author, just PSI.


It explains how human mind consist of three different parts that influence our character. They are called REI – Reason, Emotion and Instinct. But not in the typical way we know them. So if a person thinks mostly with Instinct he will see a thing completely different as a person that is mostly using the Emotion. The proportions define our character and how we will think and react in our lives. The features of the most important mind in ones character are simultaneously the predominant features of this character. The minds are completely equal – none is better or worse than another and each has its advantages and disadvantages, although they adapt differently to different circumstances. Instinct performs in times of scarcity, and Emotion is created for abundance. Reason is the most effective in rapidly changing circumstances. Thus in specific circumstances an individual mind is more successful than the other two. In order for us to believe the whole story, the book reveals seven unusual proofs.


Despite everything PSI is an easy to read novel. In order for you to recognize the truth yourself, you first have to learn how to understand yourself. So take a look at yourself in a mirror unlike any you’ve ever seen yourself in before: PSI is the mirror of your psyche. Perhaps you’ll find your own true world in it: The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

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Behind all coincidences there is a plan, and behind all plans there is a coincidence.

Positive vibes from my side and consider reading the book. It is one of a kind and it can change your life. Incredible for self growth, understanding the world and other people in your life.

Peace and love, MM


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