Quote of the day

I received this quote from a very dear friend of mine. The way that he saw me in the quote really means a lot to me. Since I was little, my mom taught me to be good and kind to the people, and raised me as a nice person (I would hope to believe). And no matter what kind of people I meet, I always tick to the ones that have positive energy and are good as a person. I still believe that the real beauty comes from inside.

Let me give you an example. Did you realize how some people all of the sudden become more beautiful in your eyes, and some people less. Like if I see a girl that is really beautiful and has a rude and impolite personality, her whole outer beauty fades in my eyes. As well as I met many average looking ones, but when I got to know them, they all of the sudden became true beauties in my eyes.

Of course I am relating this to both genders, same story as it is with women is also with men. And I truly believe this.

The personality is what matters the most. At the end we are all going to get old one day, what is gonna be left!? What lies inside, exactly.

Wishing you an inspiring, positive day and don’t forget to have the courage and be kind,

Love MM

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