Beautiful Behno, my Winter Nirvana

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From time to time I like to write about new brands I discover as you probably noticed. And its time to do it again. During my New York Trip, I discovered a brand new, really interesting and irresistible luxury outer wear and handbag line called Behno ( Originated and designed out of India, the brand has completely changed the way I perceived Indian Manufacturing and shares my views on ethical production and workers standards (especially in India which needs leaders on this front). But best of all, right here on the cobblestone streets of Soho, their luxurious coats & brand new line of handbags make you stand out head-and -shoulders above the crowd, and can you believe it for bargain prices these days thanks to the winter sales taking place on their website.



Initially I was really proud of my new discovery, but it seems the brand has become a widespread hit in the U.S. as of late, powered by a string of organic endorsements by some of today’s leading women’s style influencers such as the iconic Lacey Claire Rodgers ( and Margaux Brooke (


Yet, even though I unfortunately wasn’t the first one to discover this cool brand, I nevertheless feel that some of their latest pieces- such as plush Faiza winter coat, Silk Govenor dress, and Pebbled Nora Crossbody Bag- were designed specifically for my style and as such have redefined the New York feeling of life for me! Style when it’s dead on will do that to you!!


Which piece would be your favorite!?! For more feel free to and find your own favorite piece for this winter.
Sending all my love and have a great week!!
xx, MM

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