Auctions for the charity

My closet is ready for a big time spring cleaning. I am constantly getting rid of old clothing, and It looks like its a never ending story. Every few months I give a massive package to a charity, while this time I decided to do something better.

As we are all interested in the same thing – fashion, I decided to offer my clothing to you and do an auction.

Starting prices are ridiculously low, only because I want to get rid of the things, while doing a favor to you and the charity at the same time.

You are able to get them by low prices, while charity will be able to get the money we are going to collect together.

I thought it would be more fun, then just giving the clothing away to an institution like always. Killing two mosques at the same time 🙂

The auction started yesterday, and is going to last for a month. Any recommendations of the charity are welcome and hope we can do something good together!

Sharing all my love and don’t hesitate to check the AUCTIONS section!!

Remember what goes around, comes around.. Be good and do good!

xx, Maja

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