Aevi Box

Are you still searching for a cool, unique, useful Christmas  or birthday gift!? Or just a little treat to spoil yourself or your friends!? The next product would be my number one pick, and I actually got a few of them for my friends already 🙂 Its called Aevi Box.

I received the first one from a friend of mine, and I am in love!! A great combination of healthy, useful and inspiring products. The wellness boxes are limited edition and exclusive to the London market, coming out four times a year.

The girls that created the box cultivated an adoration of all things that are simple, beautiful and wellbeing into a beautiful whole. Sharing a message of love and light through curating seasonal, limited edition, wellness box filled with the most radiant and pure products sourced from all over the world. There is importance in loving yourself first. They want to encourage you to listen to your inner-self, because meaningful moments of self love and care will prepare us to give better and brighter to others.

In my personal opinion is a great gift, as the products are useful for everyone, as well as incredibly good for them. Inside you will find a wellness experience created by five or six radiant products of the highest quality sourced from around the world. All of this will arrive bundled in linen, placed in an elegantly wrapped wooden box with a hand lettered address, all over showcasing a handmade Scandinavian touch. The Winter Wellness 2015-16 edition contains seven products:

NUORI: VITAL FACE CREAM – The Vital Face Cream is made to restore the skin’s natural moisture levels and provides your skin with antioxidant protection to flourish during the cold weather.


RMS BEAUTY: LIVING LUMINIZER – The Living Luminizer is a beautiful sheer highlighter with a translucent, satin-pearl finish.

WUNDERWORKSHOP: TURMERIC – Turmeric Powder and Winter Warming Tea inspired by Ayurveda; turmeric is a powerful inflammatory immunity booster


CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL – a stone of clarity, dispels negativity; purify your spiritual, mental and physical self and inspire new growth, creativity and harmony


AOIRO AIR DESIGN: CANDLE & CARD – premium quality aromatic ingredients to develop unique scent creationAOIROAirdesign_Candle

LOLA’S APOTHECARY – Restorative Winter Bath and Shower Oil, larifying and awakening blend of naturally active ingredients.LolasApothecary

The boxes should be given with the hope to gift moments in which you can take care of your heart, mind and skin with love and luxury. For her, or for you.
Sharing all my love and don’t forget to take care of yourself and you friends. Aevi box is another way to do it. xx, MM



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