Abs Saga

Hola everyone!!

Lately I have been getting so many questions and compliments about my abs.  And even though I was aware, and still am aware, of the fact that my abs are pretty good, I didn’t now that they draw so much attention. Certainly, every girl I know wants to have a killer abs, but I can’t remember that I have ever been one of them, I guess I was born quite lucky with a very muscular body. But, let’s get something straight – I wasn’t born with these abs I have now, I worked for them, but over the years I have realized (after doing a lot and a lot of researching) that I need to work smarter – not harder and that also good balanced diet does the trick. So – as for food, you should go back to basics. This part was not hard for me, since I am a vegetarian, so eating vegetables and fruit is what I normally do and mostly enjoy, combined with some protein.  I bet some of you think they will be hungry unless they eat in McDonalds or have pizza, drink Coke, but trust me – it’s not that hard. It’s a way of life. And this is also a great way to detox your body. And it will make you feel amazing! Which will reflect on the outside and your body as well.

So, you wanna have abs? Eat food in its simplest form. Eliminate all additives, for a start. Especially oil and butter. And don’t think for a sec that you will end up eating so-called boring food. There is huge variety of tasty food that will satisfy all of your cravings. Also, pay attention to your style of eating. This style only means that you will eat your fav food, but cleaner version of it. Doesn’t sound so bad now, huh?

And for the end – don’t forget to sweat in the gym a bit 😉 Hopefully soon I can create some videos for the youtube channel i am planning shortly and show you the proper way to do it. The main hack is in always extra squeezing the stomach at the same time as moving up and down. Until then – ask a professional for few tips since it is very important to do exercise in the right way, not just to do it (otherwise there is no effect) and trust me, ladies, in this way you are on a good way to show killer abs in only few months. Until then – you can always check out mine 😀

Sending you all my love and never give up!!

xx, MM


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