About me

Maja was born in a small country called Slovenia with a small population of 2 milion people.
Since she was little, she had a dream of becoming independent and live abroad, as her grandmother inspired her to live life fully and travel. That was the reason why she always wanted to know everything, see everything, try everything…
Even tho life wasn’t always so easy. While growing up, she spent held of her life growing up at the countryside with her grandmother, helping with all the house and country work.

At the age of 16 she was discovered by a manager, and therefore became involved with entertainment. First as a model after winning a small beauty competition. At the same time she was passionately training dance, so she was a dancer of a popular music singer, followed by becoming a singer herself. Finally she found her passion as a tv host.
While everything was happening in her life she lost control of herself and basically her life.
Other people were controlling her schedule and her life. So she decided to control her body and weight. With not eating. And became anorexic.
“The whole experience was one of the hardest things anyone can imagine. And do not wish to happen to anyone. As with the eating disorder I became obsessed with the food. All I could think of was food, analyzing calories, worked out and became depressed. As I was without energy I lost the will to live. Luckly with a lot of help and will, I managed to recover and beat this awful disease. Became even stronger. Now I am grateful that it happened as it changed me completely. My personality, my views of life and family, and things that really matter in life. I became extremely healthy and conscious about nature. Reading a lot of books and grew on a spiritual level.
Therefore I started inspiring people to be good, change their lives and be positive. Later on I got a new view of life and decided to continue with this look. Carpe Diem.
I moved to Serbia, later on finished my studies in Madrid, tried life in LA for a year, and finally found myself in London at the end.
Through the whole time I traveled a lot and grew this way. Life became more positive and beautiful. I started meeting tons of people that inspired me to share my knowledge with others, that is why I decided to start my blog.
And I really hope it can be useful for you and can help you change your life in a better way.
Be positive and remember, when you love life, life will love you back. And even tho we have many obstacles in life, everything will find its way and solved to the way it should be. It might seem hard at the certain times, never loose hope, if you can believe it you can achieve it! Be strong and brave to overcome all the obstacles in life! And keep on reading my blog ūüôā “
Love you, Maja M xx


Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

With an academic background of Economics Maja always followed her true passion for design and fashion internationally. She is multi-lingual (fluent in 5 languages) with a vast network of Fashion designer contacts, she fully understands fashion and luxury lifestyle and markets having worked on a variety of sectors within the fashion remit, namely within fashion Pr and fashion blogging around the world. As well as having enormous passion and attended various courses and workshops at FIDM in Los Angeles. Majas dedication to sports, health, beauty, fashion and psychology, as well as her spirituality and positive thinking/outlooking the world makes her an ambitious young  spokeswomen who is striving for success.