They say that Paris is always a good idea. I couldn’t agree more.
Especially when you join work and pleasure, and spend incredible 9 days in this inspiring city. The magical city or the city of love. Maybe its finally time for some magic.

Honestly I have to say that I really like Paris more and more, every time I visit it again.
From the very beginning I wasn’t a big fan – the architecture is incredible, but I kind of didn’t get the right vibes and energy from the people I met in Paris. But I am really happy to see it changing, and it is coming under my skin every time a bit more.
Of course the city gives you completely different vibe, depending on how you spend your time over there. The perception of the place is going to be completely different depending on your surroundings, people around you, what you end up doing and how you spend your time in a place. Especially the people I would say play the biggest role.

So I wold like to thank everyone being with me and around me in Paris and going through another incredible fashion experience in this magical city.

In case it is your first time planning a trip to Paris, here would be my quick few recommendations on where to go, where to stay and what to se… 🙂

In this months Paris tent to be a bit chillier so be prepared as you never know with the weather here. People wear a lot of black, and no – no barets they thought us. Its just a cliche, in Paris actually no french people wears barets. Just an interesting fact to share with you.

My favorite areas in town are becoming Le Merais and Saint Germain, which are more real French and not that touristy. Really cool to just get lost and wander around the streets, discover cute small coffee shops and real french boutiques. Put it high on your list!

As well as of course doing all the touristic things which you probably already know…. Musee de Louvre, Eiffel Tour, Notre Dame…

Renaissance Arc de Triomphe was the place I stayed at, and couldnt be more satified. The rooms are big and spacious, with incredible view on the city, windows going all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Price point is really good for being a 5 star hotel, as well as the location couldn’t be better. My number one on the list!



In case if you are looking for something extremely high end – George V would be the place to go to. I had a photo shooting in the Presidential suite on top of the hotel, and I was left speechless. Highly envy the person who can afford to stay there, so if you have the ability, go give it a try!! 🙂

Another great recommendation would be The Plaza Athene, which is great for the stay, as well as to only pop by and have a drink at the bar!


The classical good old Hotel Costes is still the place to be – if you want to be seen. Everyone from designers, celebrities, artists and just a normal people like me goes there. It is for sure an experience, and if you are in Paris you should def take a look and pass by. Plus they have the best Flower Market 😉


Cafe de Flore is another classical and timeless place in Paris, more real French and not that sceny, but really incredible. This time I went by myself, and just sat in the garden, order some tea and enjoyed the beautiful view of Paris and taking in everything what is happening this months. A moment to breath by myself and enjoy the Maja moment. I think its going to become my ritual 🙂

Derriere good old traditional French in Les Merais. Very cool and chic, not to show off, but to come and enjoy good french vibes and good food.

L’Avenue would be a good choice for a nice weekend brunch, especially in the times when the sun comes out. It is a bit similar to Hotel Costes, only in my opinion more a place to go during the day, while Costes during anytime 😀

Caviar Kaspia
This good restaurants in Paris are never ending. I just ate, but writing about all of this incredible places makes me hungry again. Another great place for a high-end seafood and of course – Caviar!




The Collete – High-end department store, also includes a coffee shop and small restaurant for a treat after shopping.


Galeries Lafayette – big department store where you can find a bit of everything

Rue Saint Honore – one of the streets with my favorite boutiques, you can find everything from high end to mid price point stores like my favorites Maje, Sandro, Zadig….

Av Champs Elysee – Probably most famous street in Paris, very touristic, but has everything from the high street brands and restaurants on the way. They are normally overpriced for what you get, as it is the location which pops up the price.

Avenue Montaigne – Most expensive street in Paris where you can find all the lux boutiques, as well as all the top hotels.


Cafe Kitsune would be the most popular place for instagramers, and all of you who love to enjoy the beautiful Jardin (gardens) while stepping out of the coffee shop. I love it mostly because of the location, not because it is supposed to be trendy. Well, I do love their cute little fox they have …:)

Angelina – Another Instagram likable place, known for the great desserts and best hot chocolate in town.. yummmy.



Cafe de Flore to just chill and enjoy a beautiful Parisian day over and over again.



Hope my tips helped you a bit and bon voyage!
xxx, MM





Arc de Triomphe sunrise

Arc de Triomphe sunrise


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