Paris <3

The city of love. The magical city, that always brings new surprises.

Over and over again.

To be honest, the first time I was here, I was obviously admiring the city, but I never got the right vibe of the city. Until now.

There is a myth that French people are very rude to the foreigners. Of course there has to be something true about it, but of course it all depends. I would say they have some attitude if the person doesn’t speak french, as they are normally very proud. And refuse to talk in english.

No matter what, for sure you will find a lot of friendly people in case you need something or have some questions.

I was here for the last time now in the time of the fashion week, which is a very busy week for Paris. One of the capitals of fashion, probably my favorite. If you look at the brands and fashion, Paris is definitely the winner in quality, originality as well as classics and great fabrics.

If you are here just as a tourist there is tons of things you have to see. Of course you have to start with the famous Eiffel Tower.


Nearby you have the Love Lock bridge, where all the lovers from all over the world come to lock their love. Then you should continue with the gardens of the Louvre and of course the actual museum For this you should plan the whole day, as if you would like to see it properly, you would probably need 3 days. So lets give him a full day, it is really spectacular and deserves it 🙂 Then you have the well known Arc de Triomphe, gardens of Louvre, and of course you cant miss The Notre Dame of Paris.


Paris is one of the cities where you can probably spoil yourself for a bit. It is home from all the best fashion houses, which means that the prices here are normally a tiny bit better and more affordable (even tho it is still very expensive). But I would say that if you want to treat yourself you should do it in Paris. You have all the stores in the main street – Rue de Saint Honore or . Nearby you can find a lot of street style shops, with a nice view of Arc de Triumph. And finally you should not forget about all the best departments stores – Galleries Lafayette

During the fashion week everyone usually hangs at the same spots. So If you want to be seen (and even if not is very popular ‘it’ spot) you should go to Hotel Costes. Great for afternoon drink, lunch or dinner. Another similar place to this would be L’avenue, but Costes is definitely the winner. As well you should stop by the garden of Mandarin Oriental which is absolutely spectacular. Or some very cute and great restaurants in Saint German area which is one of my favorites – very tipical and classical French.



A great trendy spot to just grab a coffee and enjoy good time with a friend is well known Caffee Kitsune near Palais Royal in Gallerie du Montpelier.


Here are some more RESTAURANTS:

  • Caviar Kaspia
  • L’Avenue
  • Buddha Bar
  • Hotel Costes
  • Cafe de Flor
  • Brasserie Lipp



  • George V (5)
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Hotel Costes
  • Plaza Athene


  • L’Arc
  • Raspoutine
  • The Pompom
  • Le Baron


Everyone is always saying there is some incredible energy in this city. In never seen it this way, until now, when I finally went there completely without any expectations. And was very pleasantly surprised. J’ ateime Paris <3

Bisous, MM xx









Paris Fashion Week



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